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Social Media Automation

From last 2-3 years, I am thinking about the idea of "social automation". People in sometimes will be too busy in their life, so they don't get time for social updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks. My idea of automation of social media can also be called Automation of social accounts.

When Facebook has started by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, it was too new and it is interesting until the day. Instagram, Twitter is also going in a good way of Glory.
How Automation will work? Think, you are just in your business meeting or on the business trip, but you can't post an update of your tour or meeting. That's the time, social automation comes into the play. It will first detect your current location, people in the same room and get the distance between them to guess, what people doing in the room. Like, if people in the room of office standing/sitting in round shape or other table formation. It will automatically guess that you are in the meeting.


Vision is the planned way to future

Nothing is easy, nothing was easy, not going to be easy too. Our past has been held and forwarded by our forefathers, present by us, and future is going to be in hands of our sons and daughters.

The time was gone, we can't replay it once again, till now. But the future is calling us, to be more advanced, be more powerful and be safer than ever. We are in the 21st century, but believe me, we are too backward in technology till date.

Being frankly, we are just a beginner in the field of science, technology, astronomy and other aspects of science and tech. I will give the best example of it. Recently, Mesentery a new organ found in the stomach by J Calvin Coffey is big proof that we (humans) are not able to understand our body yet. Leanardo da Vinci in 1508, also give a hint of this organ, but ignored throughout centuries.

UAE have introduce a puppet called "Robocop", it gives a hillarious view after watching the Robot. They have added some inputs of feeling by reading face expression and included a typical output of words by the Robot. "You are looking beautiful.", that's what the 'Robocop' said to a lady. This may be the starting of Robots tech., but it not that much capable as we are aspecting till 2025.

So here, we will look at future of many aspects of life and will research about it throughout. I am not saying to aspect that, I am great visionary, just look out my upcoming views on future, that might give you some idea about my visions.


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